Thursday, June 20, 2013

Puffy Paint Plastic Lid Sun Catcher

We've made about a zillion sun catchers and this just adds to our list.  I think this will be a favorite among them all. These were made purely by chance and those always seem to be the best projects.  My daughter C had an art kit with puffy paint and there was quite a bit left so we decided to use our always abundant supply of plastic lids to create these wonderful sun catchers.
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Clear Plastic Lids
  Puffy Paint
String for hanging

You can purchase dimensional puffy paint at  or any craft store and is usually labeled as "fabric paint".  We gathered our clear plastic lids on white paper so we could see the paint better on our dark colored table.  Then after this, simply design what you would like on your plastic lids. We chose radial designs or circular designs which go very well with the lid shape.  Next, let the paint dry overnight,  punch holes for string, attach string,  and hang on your window.  Enjoy the Sun and beautiful Art....



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